The Proton Development Suite:

Crownhill Associates and Labcenter have worked closely in improving the integration between Proteus VSM and the Proton+ Compiler. With the launch of the Proton Development Suite we have achieved a powerful yet user friendly development environment allowing the user to switch between software development and system level simulation at the press of a button.


The Proton+ Compiler:

The popular Proton+ Basic compiler from Crownhill Associates is amongst the most powerful in the market, providing a feature rich, easily understandable programming language suitable for the beginner and the professional alike. The Basic language provides a user friendly platform for rapid development and the Proton+ compiler simplifies peripheral I/O with high level commands for the following:

  • String Handling

  • RS232 and I2C operation

  • Graphics LCD support

  • Servo motor control

  • Floating Point Math

  • Inline commands and comparisons

The Proton IDE

The Proton IDE is a professional visual Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which has been designed specifically for the Proton+ compiler. Proton IDE accelerates product development in a comfortable user environment without compromising performance, flexibility or control. Major features of the IDE include:

  • Advanced Code Editor
  • Integrated Bootloader
  • Serial Communicator
  • Interface to Proteus VSM

Integration with Proteus VSM

Proteus VSM is invoked from within the Proton Development Suite as part of the 'Compile and Program' procedure. All that is required of the user is to set Proteus VSM as the programmer prior to compilation. A 'Virtual Hardware Board' explorer will then be launched, allowing specification of the ISIS schematic for the current project. After selection, the program and associated properties (clock frequency etc.) will automatically be transferred to the processor in the schematic and simulation will commence.

You can also permanently associate an ISIS schematic with your BASIC program so that the correct schematic is automatically launched for simulation. This provides a truly seamless method for development and verification in software prior to building a physical prototype.

The Proton Development Suite is available for $265.00 USD.

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