Welcome to the SourceBoost IDE - Available from R4 Systems Inc.
SourceBoost IDE is a modern development environment to develop code for Microchip(PIC) and Scenix(SX) processors. It includes C, C++ and Pascal compilers (including the next generation C compiler BoostC) and supports other tools like MPASM (from Microchip) and Picc Lite C compiler (from HI-Tech). SourceBoost IDE works under MS Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.

SourceBoost installation includes the SourceBoost IDE and compilers BoostC, C2C-plus, C2C++ and P2C-plus. Extra plugins are available in a separate installation. SourceBoost IDE, compilers and extra plugins need a license (or activation) key that removes all limitations of their unregistred copies. (You don't need a license if you work with SourceBoost IDE and PicC Lite or Assembler toolsuite.) In order to get such license key SourceBoost IDE, compilers or extra plugins need to be registered by paying a license fee.
SourceBoost IDE and BoostC C-compiler
BoostC C compiler + SourceBoost IDE Licenses Options and Price

SourceBoost is available in commercial and non commercial  licenses and in Site License options.

A Single User Pro (commercial use license) is ..........................$149.95

A Single User Full (non commercial use only) is ..........................$69.95

SourceBoost IDE Plugins Pack License is .................................. $20.00

All Prices are in US Funds

Download the SourceBoost IDE

  SourceBoost IDE 6.35
  (includes BoostC, BoostBasic, C2C-plus, C2C++ and P2C-plus compilers)

Below are only a few IDE and Compiler Features.
BoostC is our latest generation C compiler that works with PIC18, PIC16 and some PIC12 processors. BoostC was designed to rival Hi-Tech C compiler. This ANSI C compatible compiler addresses limitations that exist in our C2C-plus compiler. It supports features like source level debugging, signed data types, structures/unions and pointers.
To place your order, give us a call toll free at 866.499.8184.  Your license key will be e-mail to you and instructions how to install the key.
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