Proteus VSM Peripherals Library
All products in the Proteus VSM range include a host of peripheral simulation models, ensuring that the parts you need are available to you at design time. Typically these split into two catagories - standard simulation models and more complex microcontroller peripherals. We are constantly working on developing peripheral models to improve the product and are always interested in feedback from users to gauge demand for specific model development. If you need a model developing for a deviced not listed above, we suggest you fill out our Model Request form, or else contact one of our 3rd party model developers.
The following peripherals are intended for use within embedded systems design with Proteus VSM. Each peripheral contains a link to a page where more information on that model is provided.

Standard alphanumeric LCD displays based on the HD44780 controller. Includes both parallel and serial controlled types.

  Graphical LCD display panels baed on the T6963 and KS108 controllers.
  Universal matrix keypad model.
  Virtual terminal - provides a teletype console with a standar serial interface.
  Motor models - models for simple DC, stepper,servo and hobby (PWM controlled) motors.
  Loudspeaker and piezo buzzer (play through sound card)
  EVB 11 peripherals - 6824 PRU and 6850 ACIA.
  COMPIM (COM Port Physical Interface Model) - maps your PC's physical COM port into the circuit.
In addition to the above the following is a summary of just some of the simulation models provided as standard with a licence for any Proteus VSM product.
  Over 6000 standard analogue and digital models including standard TTL and CMOS libraries, transistors, op-amps
  All manner of switches, pots, buttons, LED's and other active components allowing you to interact with the simulation.
  I2C memory library (a comprehensive list including popular chips from Arizona Microchip™, ST Microelectronics™ and Fairchild™)
  Laplace Transform Library.
  ATA/IDE Hard Drive Model (simulates the basic functions of a parallel ATA hard disk drive)
  Maxim Line Drivers library (MAX 220 - MAX249)
  Maxim LED Drivers (MAX7219, MAX7221)
  I2C Peripherals (PCA9535/36, PCA9554/55, PCF8574/75, PCA8591)
  L297, L298, L620x motor controller models.
  Parameterized SPNO, SPCO,DPNO,DPCO relay models allowing you to accurate simulate individual relay parts.
  DS1620 Digital thermometer and DS1302 Real Time Clock.
  78xx and 79xx Regulator models.
  ADC0831 Serial ADC model.
  8255 PIA and 8250A UART models.
  Voltage/current monitor models (generate error if voltage/current outside of specified range).

Graphic & alphanumeric LCD panels - just two of the many peripherals in the VSM Peripherals Library.
"I developed a product that uses RS232 comms to control a radio, the hardware was totally developed in VSM. Proteus VSM has a virtual port that uses the PC's RS232 to talk to the radio and the PC simulates the PIC and all the hardware inside VSM, no prototype to build. Fantastic!!!
- Mark Rodgers (related to the COMPIM model)