The ProSPICE Simulator
All versions of Proteus include a copy of ProSPICE, our mixed mode SPICE circuit simulator. ProSPICE is based on Berkeley SPICE3F5 with extensions for true mixed mode simulation and circuit animation.
ProSPICE is offered at two levels.The basic version supports interactive transient analysis only, whilst the advanced simulation option provides a full range of graph based analyses including frequency, fourier, distortion, noise and multi-variable AC/DC parameter sweeps.
Basic ProSPICE Simulation Features
These features are available in all Proteus PCB Design and Proteus VSM products,
including the Starter Kit.
General Simulation Features
Fully integrated with ISIS schematic capture environment.
True mixed mode simulator based on SPICE3F5 coupled with our own, high performance event driven digital simulation engine.
11 Virtual instruments: DC Voltmeter, AC Voltmeter, DC Ammeter, AC Ammeter, Signal generator, Pattern Generator, Oscilloscope, Logic Analyser, Counter Timer, Virtual Terminal and Logic Probe.
Interactive/animated models for switches, buttons, potentiometers, lamps, LEDs, 7 seg displays and more. You can also created your own interactive models without recourse to programming.
Point and shoot component information display shows operating point and instantaneous device parameters at any point in the simulation.
Circuit animation shows logic state of pins, wire voltage as colour, and current direction with arrows - ideal for teaching basic electronics principles.
Basic electronics course comprising over 70 animated circuits included with the package.
Over 100 sample designs in total.
Make your own models using simulator primtives or write DLL based models in C++. Full online documentation is supplied in the form of the VSM SDK.
Unique VSM technology allows co-simulation of microprocessor designs.
Analogue Simulation Features
Full set of SPICE3 primitives including MOSFET, BSIM3, MESFET, lossy transmission line and expression based arbitrary source.
Direct compatibility with manufacturers' SPICE models.
Over 6000 models included with the package.
Digital Simulation Features
Event driven digital simulation models timing, glitch and floating input behaviour.
Digital primitives include gates, registers, latches, counters, memory and much more.
Fusemap models allow simulation of PLDs directly from JEDEC files.
Model library includes 74 series TTL, 4000 series CMOS, memory ICs and more.
Advanced Simulation Option
The Advanced Simulation option can be used to upgrade the basic ProSPICE simulator to provide a full range of graph based analyses including frequency, fourier, distortion, noise and multi-variable AC/DC parameter sweeps.
For more infomation on the Advanced Simulation option, click here.

Simulation of LED bargaph driver showing interactive switches & potentiometer, animated bargraph displays, virtual signal generator, voltmeters and wire voltage/current animation.